Acute Care

Acute care is given for diseases that have a relatively sudden onset of symptoms and lasts a shorter duration. This type of care deals with the distinct symptoms which appeared along with the acute disease and past history is given less importance, unlike chronic care.
Acute care can help you deal with your anxieties before surgery and can help you heal better and faster after surgery.
Acute illness by definition are self-limiting and varies in intensity from mild to severe, with the help of homeopathy the intensity of disease can be reduced.
Case taking for acute care is of shorter duration. Treatment received is active but for short duration hence the recovery is fast.
Homeopathy is a unique science, the care is personalized,  no two individuals are same hence there is the higher possibility of a different remedy prescribed for two different individuals with the same symptom at the same time. e.g. two members of the family suffer from flu at the same time may require different homeopathic remedies.

Time: 30-60 minute
Rate: $50 - $100


Chronic Care

Chronic care addresses long-term illness which makes your daily routine difficult and reduces the quality of life.
Homeopathy aims at improving the quality of life and gives stability to your life force.
It is an extensive study of your life till date. It includes your present, past history, and also your family history. Homeopathy is a personalized care hence it deals with your physical, mental, emotional health and also take into consideration your social and behavioral aspect. The sole purpose of this detailed study is to characterize you as a distinct individual and be able to reach your single remedy (Similimum).
Case taking for chronic care is long and extensive. It requires keen observation and patient listening. Duration of treatment is usually long relative to the duration of disease.
It is expected from you to feel free to describe your illness in an elaborative manner and without hesitation. Your confidentiality is my utmost priority.

Initial follow-up is usually after 15-30 days depending upon the case. Once you start responding to treatment time between the visit (followup) increases.

Time: 60-120 minute
Rate: $100 - $200


Child Care

The health of a child is one of the main concern for parents and with homeopathy, one can expect a strong immune system for their children.
Homeopathy can help with delayed developmental milestones e.g. dentition, growth etc.
Child care with homeopathy offers non-toxic, effective and inexpensive treatment.
To understand the child better, the presence of parent as well as the child is important. Any behavioral changes present should be well observed by the parent and conveyed.
In order to get a clear picture, mothers history during pregnancy is crucial as it is directly related to child history. it includes maternal medial history as well as the emotional state.
Duration of case taking is variable according to the case.

Time: 60-120 minute
Rate: $100 - $200

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